Uhhh..., That's strange

[2nd time hopping to it - voice]

Henry, you there? I -

Mar! Mar!

Bub, calm down! - I was wonderin' which way I should go to meet you? You leavin' from, uh... [a pause, the sound of paper unfolding - a map, perhaps?] ...Route 211, or Route 206?

Marill! Mar mar!

We're gonna be goin' soon, Bubble! You gotta calm down!

Just doin' what I do

[1st Time Hopping To It - Voice]

[Tiana's voice comes across cool and calm, but there is a hint of... Sheepishness in there, as if she is embarrassed to be asking for this advice from so many folks who are so much younger than her. Her voice certainly betrays the fact that she is older than the average new trainer.]

Alright, y'all, my name's Tiana and I've got a question or two for you trainers out there. See, I'm just startin' out on my journey from Hearthome City. I've got a Sunflora and a Marill with me. Now, I was wonderin' what you'd suggest I bring with me. I mean, I got all the basics - healin' items an' berries and my Poffin Case, but is there anythin' else you've found comes in handy?

And... Uh... [The sheepishness in her voice raises as she beings this next question.] I run a little cafe in the city, an' I get a lot of trainers there. I hear a lot about the bond between a Pokemon an' their trainer.

...What do they mean by that, exactly? I don't understand it...
... You can't be serious

Trainer's Log - 006

Okay, so I'm in Solaceon Town and Suzumiya is nowhere to be seen. After we left Hearthome, she took off towards somewhere called the "Lost Tower", apparently infested with ghosts like the old chateau in Eterna Forest. I have no desire to go ghost hunting again, so I didn't go after her. Who knows? Maybe if I'm lucky she won't turn up again. I'm sure she'll be fine anyway regardless of whether I'm in some stupid "Team" or not.

It'll be nice to not have to deal with her for a while. By the way, Nagato... Where did you head off to? You still with Haruhi or did you lose her too?
Red: On the road

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New region, new League, and a new journey. Just what we needed, huh buddy?


Oh, heya folks. Name’s Red, from Pallet Town. Me and Pikachu are here to challenge the Sinnoh league, and maybe see about a few other battles too. Course, that’s gonna have to wait until I catch a few more Pokemon. Only brought Pikachu with me.